Fitnetrition's Peak Mind Body Program is a coaching program developed to assess and optimize the individual needs of clients with the ultimate goal of training, teaching, and transforming lives. Incorporating principles of eating for your unique bioindividual needs and goals, optimizing hormonal and metabolic function, using physical exercise and lifestyle interventions, Peak Mind Body pulls on ancient wisdom and marries it with modern technology to create a truly whole mind/body approach to health. The aim? To help us create a lifestyle that allows you to live at peak performance and truly engage life with vitality and a sense of meaning and purpose.     

My Goal

Although getting fit and healthy is the goal... MY goal is to get you fit and healthy FOR the purpose of living the life YOU want to live. What's the point in having a fit mind and body if you're not using it to live a life of deeper meaning and connection. 

My aim in working with you will be to optimize the physical and emotional as well as to get you clear on what potential blocks you currently have in your life, where you're leaking energy by spending time engaged in activities, with people, and in jobs that don't fulfill you and deter you from doing what you truly want to be doing.

This is not just a program to get fit. Health is far more than just your body. It's not the ultimate aim, but rather, the vehicle that allows you to pursue your real dreams. 

My genuine passion is helping you live the life you came here to live. So if you're truly ready to make some major shifts, look deep at your own shadows, see where you've been holding yourself back or sabotaging yourself in your career, relationships, your health. 

If you're ready to embark on your own Campbellian Hero's Journey. And if you're truly committed to real transformation. Then this is for YOU.

This will take REAL work so I don't accept just anyone. Commitment is a must. We're not just talking about eating and moving right. This is about LIVING. If you feel you're ready, contact me! Let's talk. Let's see if you're living the life you were meant to live. 

Let's get fit and healthy and PURPOSE DRIVEN

Personal programmes designed to put you back in control of your life; enabling you to restore balance and have more time, energy, money, intimacy, and fun.

During sessions you will clear away physical and emotional clutter, define your priorities, set goals, and begin to take the steps required to reach them.

Enjoy the Benefits

Look Better!

Lose weight - Shed bodyfat - Gain weight - Build muscle - Shape your body - Enhance your physique - Improve posture - Improve movement grace

Feel Better!

 Relieve Stress, Increase energy, Enhance Relaxation, Rehabilitate injuries, Achieve Vibrant Health, Gain Vitality

Function Better!

Run faster, jump higher, and perform at your peak in your Sport. Maximise your daily strength, Improve your Work performance and go home feeling fresh. DANCE up a storm (life's about having a little fun, it's all one big dance!), Improve your digestion, nutrition and eating habits. Enhance Libido and sexual performance

LIVE Better!

Let all the changes you experience allow you to genuinely and authentically pursue the life you want to live. Forget about the "impossible." Align your real intentions with the direction you're going in, and let your results with me supercharge your dreams and propel you forward. DO NOT SETTLE for the easy, mediocre, safe route in life. DO NOT let the expectations of others determine how YOU LIVE YOUR ONE LIFE. 

As the Chinese Proverb goes: The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.